Getting Schooled at the Get Down

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Getting Schooled at the Get Down

One of my goals this year was to take lessons on the 1s and 2s, fulfilling my dream of becoming a DJ at one of my house parties. I was lucky enough to engage DiSJers Evan and Ny in exploring this with me.

I’d heard about The Get Down and their dance programs, and have been meaning to drop by. I am especially interested in their late classes in a variety of styles, from Hip-Hop to Salsa. Started by one of San Jose’s original dance crews, MindTricks, The Get Down also offers DJ Lessons at a very affordable price.

So tonight, Ny, Evan and I went to talk with their residential DJ, Clifford Cabute about getting instruction as a small group. Cliff explained the process, not only about the lessons but also what type of financial and time commitments go into the full package. He sat with us for about an hour – and gave us quite a lot to think about. He also answered quite of few of my dance class questions. Unlike most studios in the area, The Get Down teaches dance styles, not just choreography. The point being, you can take your moves into the real world – not just to one song/time/place.

We are planning to start March 31, with a stretch goal of playing our own rooftop 4th of July party. Stay tuned! We’ll send you an invite.



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