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Events you love HERE in the Capital of Silicon Valley

Welcome to DOITSANJOSE.com, your new resource dedicated to San Jose events, culture and activities.

I relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area from Washington, DC in 2014 with my boyfriend, both in our late thirties. We first settled in Mountain View, thinking we would eventually move to San Francisco, but found ourselves drawn to the closer, warmer city of San Jose.  It didn’t take long to pull the trigger on a downtown apartment and make the move to our new adopted city. While there was seemingly more to do in San Francisco, San Jose seemed to offer more heart, more of an inclusive community and more opportunity than we initially believed.

This blog is our attempt to share the best events and venues we’ve discovered, as well as document some tips for other east-coasters-come-west. We’ve come to love it here, and have found more good vibes, energy, natural beauty and love from our new adopted home. We hope to share that with you!

Please contribute! If you have parties or events you would like to share – we would love to hear about it.

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